Yummy Mania

Yummy Mania 2.3.0

Treat yourself to a sweet new match three game

If you're hungry for another match game then Yummy Mania might just provide the sweet treat you're after. View full description


  • Stylish graphics
  • Easy to pick up
  • Lots of levels


  • No original features
  • Pushy Facebook sign up


If you're hungry for another match game then Yummy Mania might just provide the sweet treat you're after.

Match the sweet treats to win the round

Yummy Mania is all about matching three (or more) types of sweet food to win points and the rounds. There are various (food-related) boosters you can win along the way in Yummy Mania. The gingerbread man, for example, lets you clear a whole row while the cake shovel allows you to remove one item. Oh, and you have to do things like break waffles to win rounds. These match games do seem to follow a food theme, as not only is Yummy Mania just like Candy Crush, it's also pretty similar to Cookie Jam.

There are in-app purchases but they shouldn't hamper you too much in the initial stages and you can redo stages or earn crystals and strawberries along the way. And if you do chose to connect with friends on Facebook that earns you some more crystals. There are more than 200 rounds in Yummy Mania so it's not a game you can complete in a few hours. There is a certain amount of repetitiveness to it all and not always in a good way.

As there are so many of these Candy Crush-style games on the market, you need something that makes it stand out and that's where Yummy Mania falls down. It's a little lacking in originality; even the sweet theme is nothing new.

Family-friendly food fun

It's quite aggressive about making you sign in to Facebook. It's the default option and you have to select 'guest login' at the bottom of the homescreen to play without linking your account.

If you've ever played a match three game before then you will pick this up in no time. The early rounds in Yummy Mania are pretty similar; your aim is to match a certain amount of sweets to win on different boards. And you must do it within a certain amount of moves.

Yummy Mania is colorful and stylish so it appeals on a visual level (especially as you advance through the map of different food stages) and this makes it a good game for families. This is even more so because you have to guide a character called Emily through the game. But it's a little sluggish and maybe not quite as slick as other match games.

The next big match game

Yummy Mania is fun to play, but it's not quite as addictive as games like Candy Crush and it doesn't bring any particularly unique features. That said, if you're a fan of match three games and fancy a new challenge, Yummy Mania could be just what you're looking for.

Yummy Mania


Yummy Mania 2.3.0